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Located in the northeastern corner of the United States, New Hampshire is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. Known as the 'Mother of Rivers', the five great streams of New England originate in its hills, most notably the 410 mile Connecticut River, which begins at New Hampshire's Connecticut Lakes and flows south into Connecticut.

The land itself is beautiful. The terrain is widely diverse and varied, but definitely well developed, public ocean and beaches. N.H. boasts more well marked hiking trails of all ability levels than nearly any other region in USA. New Hampshire is noted for its unlimited ski resorts, great hunting and fishing, and the formidable Mt.Washington in the White Mountains Region.

New Hampshire has a changeable climate, with wide variations in daily and seasonal temperatures. The variations are affected by proximity to the ocean, mountains, lakes or rivers. The state enjoys all four seasons. Summers are short and cool; winters are long and cold; fall is glorious with foliage. The weather station on Mount Washington has recorded some of the coldest temperatures and strongest winds in the continental United States.

Vacation attractions include Lake Winnipesaukee, largest of 1,300 lakes and ponds; the 724,000-acre White Mountain National Forest; Daniel Webster's birthplace near Franklin; and Strawbery Banke, restored buildings of the original settlement at Portsmouth. In 2003, the famous “Old Man of the Mountain” granite head profile, the state's official emblem, fell from its perch in Franconia.

Of the thirteen original colonies, New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from Mother England -- a full six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr., the first American to travel in space is from East Derry, New Hampshire. New Hampshire adopted the first legal lottery in the twentieth century United States in 1963. Levi Hutchins of Concord invented the first alarm clock in 1787.

Daniel Webster was a politician and statesman, born at Franklin in 1782. He was known in his day as a mighty orator, a reputation preserved in the Stephen Vincent Benet story The Devil and Daniel Webster, in which he beats the original lawyer, Lucifer, in a contract case over a man’s soul. Sarah Josepha Hale author and journalist who wrote the poem "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in 1830 is from Newport, New Hampshire.

The Pierce Manse in Concord is the home of the only New Hampshire citizen ever elected President. Franklin Pierce was a hero of the war with Mexico and the youngest President elected at that time. The Memorial Bell Tower at Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge has four bronze bas-reliefs designed by Norman Rockwell. The bell tower is specifically dedicated to women — military and civilian — who died serving their country.

With its small population, strong economy, and superlative quality of life, New Hampshire is a great place to live. Spending a few days on vacation will leave you in a state of pure relaxation. A fall vacation when the leaves have turned color is best of all. By the way, it takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make approximately 1 gallon of maple syrup.

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